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    is available in four distinct flavors, namely;

    Milk Chocolate,

    Cookies n Cream, ,

    Raspberry Dark Chocolate,

    and Vegan one up mushroom bars.

    Every one up mushroom bar contains 3.5g of mushroom, making it one of the best forms of microdosing available in the mushroom chocolate sector for both consumers with little to no tolerance and those who can tolerate high doses.

    Some people prefer the 3.5g cans or tins of dry psilocybin mushroom penis envy and other mushroom types, which are also widely up mushroom chocolate bar for sale California,one up mushroom chocolate bar where to buy San Diego,order one up mushroom chocolate bar

    New flavors are added to our shroom bars with each update. If you’re sick of the same old One Up Mushroom chocolate bar flavors and want to try something new, or if you just want to try some newly released 1 up bars, here are some new one up mushroom bar flavors;



    Thin Mints


    Milk Chocolate


    One up Packaging Box for One up Cookies and Cream Bar - China Mushroom Chocolate Bar Packaging, Chocolate Bar Box Packaging | Made-in-China.comOne up mushroom chocolate bar , Psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars

    The amount of One Up Mushroom bar used to create the One Up Mushroom bar can cause different One Up Mushroom bar reviews.

    Most studies on magic mushrooms have concluded that any type of magic mushroom containing product, whether gummies, chocolate, or drinks, has been proven to stimulate brain cell growth, increase attention and focus, reduce pain and depression, and increase appetite levels.

    Try one of our One Up Mushroom bar today and share your thoughts on your 1up chocolate bar experience.

    Psychedelic Psilocybin Magic mushrooms are fungi that grow on white or brown capped plants and contain the psychoactive compounds psilocybin and psilocin in their chemical up mushroom chocolate bar for sale California,one up mushroom chocolate bar where to buy San Diego,order one up mushroom chocolate bar

    The main component of our one up chocolate bar, mushroom extracts, go by a variety of names, including psychedelic mushrooms, shrooms, magic mushrooms, psilocybin mushrooms, and many more. Because the names vary with different groups of people, some end up giving magic mushrooms the street slang shrooms are non-addictive and rarely abused.

    Reviews from customers, particularly those who are pleased while ignoring those who are dissatisfied, are the best because our product eliminates the bitter taste of mushrooms and replaces it with a creamy chocolate flavor, in contrast to how to make mushroom chocolate recipes found on the internet, because our extraction process plays a critical role in making our product one of the best available.



    Many people who want to buy a chocolate mushroom bar wonder, “Are mushroom chocolate bars legal?” or “Will I go to jail if caught with magic mushroom in an illegal state?” We are here to answer all of your questions and show you how to safely purchase psilocybin one up bars.

    The District of Columbia passed Initiative 81, which would “make entheogens (plants sources that are psychoactive by nature, such as psilocin and psilocybin) among the lowest law enforcement priorities for the Metropolitan Police Department” and “cease prosecution of criminal charges involving entheogens,” so that residents of Washington, D.C. can buy magic mushroom one up bars chocolate without fear of facing jail time.

    People consuming mushrooms in Washington D.C. should be aware that the ballot does not completely legalize or directly result in a penalty reduction when caught with these substances.

    It only lowers their priority among other criminal offenses for law enforcement officials.

    The initiative 81 in Washington D.C. was created in response to people suffering from conditions such as depression, anxiety attacks, and PTSD who are afraid of being prosecuted for using entheogenic substances as a form of treatment.

    So, if you’re in the Washington, D.C., area and want to try some one up mushroom chocolate bar, go to

    If you live in another state, such as Miami, Florida, Los Angeles, California, or New York, you can always order a mushroom chocolate bar from us here.


    One Up mushroom bar for sale - Acid Paradise acidparadize,com

    The reaction time after consuming a psilocybin One Up Mushroom chocolate bar is approximately 20-30 minutes. Changes in your vision and surroundings, as well as your sense of time, may begin to occur. You may experience sparkles of shining lights opening up, resulting in a completely strange experience known as a psychedelic trip that makes you very happy.

    The advantages of one up mushroom bar are numerous in relation to the substance psilocybin. People suffering from PTSD, panic attacks, or anxiety attacks who are now using psychedelic magic mushrooms as a natural healing remedy.

    Psilocybin has been shown to be an effective treatment for people who are addicted to alcohol or tobacco.

    It is not news that many researchers have discovered psychiatric benefits of psychoactive substances such as psilocybin mushrooms to vastly improve the health of some behavioral disorders, particularly care for the dying and cancer patients.

    The most notable effect of psilocybin magic mushroom is the mind-altering high you experience after consuming the shrooms or related products such as one up chocolate mushroom bar.

    Magic mushrooms can also help with sleep and have been shown to shorten the time it takes to achieve rapid eye movement, which is the part of sleep that takes you deep.

    Furthermore, if you have acute or chronic pain in your back, waist, or any other part of your body, psilocybin magic mushroom psychedelic has been known to relieve pain and may be a good substitute for pharmaceutical drugs.

    A sense of calm is achieved, and your body is relieved of any excess stress or tension that has built up over time.



    The reaction to the magic mushroom one-up psilocybin chocolate bar differs from person to person due to differences in life experience, weight categories, and the number of shroom bars consumed.
    Different calculations for shroom dosage exist on the internet and can assist you in efficiently measuring the psilocybin calculations you want to consume based on your body weight.

    If you’re new to eating trippy mushrooms, start with one to two grams at a time. When consuming shrooms in tea, use about five grams for every 1-1.5 cups of water. Finally, if you’re microdosing most people, you’ll only need 0.1-0.2 grams.

    NOTE: When consuming any infused edible, it is critical to begin slowly and in a safe environment. While using this product, do not operate any motor vehicles.


    One-Up magic mushroom chocolate bar is one of the best options for microdosing. The psilocybin chocolate bar combines chocolate and psilocybin. It is a substance found in mushrooms, but it has been created in this specific form for you to ensure a great test with the desired impact.

    You can satisfy your taste buds in the best way possible with two different flavors available for consumption. This Shroom bar is available in milk chocolate for those who prefer milk chocolate, while those who prefer dark chocolate can get the dark chocolate version of this shroom bar.

    Stay tuned if you want to change the way you experience psilocybin mushrooms. One up bars have created a tasty and effective way to get high on mushrooms without having to deal with their unpleasant and bitter flavors.

    With this newfound reality, one up bars online took the world by storm, creating a flavorful and enjoyable experience for those who consume magic mushrooms.

    When compared to the traditional method of ingesting the gritty and unpleasant mushrooms, their One Up Chocolate Bar is a tasty alternative. Stay tuned to learn more about the new One-Up bar, including its unique features and benefits.

    One up Mushroom bar contain 3.5 grams of mushrooms and 12 pieces of chocolate. This precise weight represents the correct dose to consume without the unpleasant, gritty taste.

    The high will transport you to another dimension, specifically Mario’s dimension, and provide you with a very clean high. The method of consuming mushrooms in a chocolate bar results in a pleasant overall experience and delicious flavor. This should also mitigate any negative effects the mushrooms may have on your stomach.

    The One-Up chocolate bar is ideal for any occasion while in Washington, D.C. Host a party, visit various monuments, elevate yourself to protest for social change, or simply have a good time with some close friends. This chocolate bar was created to enhance and enhance those experiences.

    The One-Up Chocolate Bar is only available in delicious milk chocolate, and each purchase includes a free small sticker.

    Don’t forget that everyone has different tolerance levels, which can and will affect your experience. Make sure to prepare and remember the correct dosage in relation to your metabolism and body weight.

    Begin with a lower dose and gradually increase it until you achieve the desired results. It’s all about figuring out what works best for you!

    As with all of our products, keep these out of the reach of children and pets, and keep them cool and out of direct sunlight for maximum longevity.

    The main psychoactive ingredient in magic mushrooms, psilocybin, quickly degrades when exposed to high temperatures, so keep your mushrooms away from anything too hot.

    Mushroom chocolate bar, buy one The Premium Psychedelic team strives to introduce the world to the wonderful world of magic mushrooms while also providing users with discrete, tasty, and applicable options for their daily lives.

    Shroomies Chocolate Mushrooms are an excellent choice for those who are new to psychedelics and want to ease into them gradually, but they are also an excellent treat for those who want to incorporate micro-dosing into their routine.

    If you’re unsure whether you’ll like raw or dried mushrooms, don’t worry! These milk chocolates make tripping easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

    These handcrafted chocolates are made with natural cocoa and real milk, and are infused with psilocybin and psilocin content from Psilocybin Cubbins’ One Up Mushroom chocolate bar, which were chosen for their consistent effects and well-rounded experience.

    At 1000mg per pack, these One Up Mushroom chocolate bar doses are ideal for those who prefer a light to mild trip rather than a full-fledged experience.

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