Mega Mushroom Growing & Incubator Kit






    The Mega Mushroom Growing and Incubator Kit includes the following:BUY Mega Mushroom Growing & Incubator Kit FLORIDA

    • 18 Ultimate ½ pint substrate Jars- Pressure sterilized and ready to grow!
    • Mega Growing, Incubating Chamber System- with air exchange holes – 56 Quart size!
    • Grow up to 30 jars at once!
    • New Digital Thermometer with Hygrometer/humidity gauge
    • Liquid Graphite adjustable under-tank heating mat with adjustable thermostat dial
    • Custom Hydroponic Humidifier with Mega Mushroom Growing & Incubator Kit florida
    • Electric Air Pump, ultra quiet
    • 2 Silicone Air filtration hoses with HEPA filter built in
    • Heavy duty Grower’s Select timer with 48 on/off settings per day
    • 900 Lumen 110V 36-Diode HP LED Plug-in Grow Light with dual spectrum technology (NEW!)
    • 4 LED Diode Blue Spectrum Battery Operated Grow Light
    • 2 Gallons of Perlite- Mixed Coarseness Levels for maximum humidity.
    • Nitrile Gloves
    • 70% Alcohol Wipes
    • Glossy, full color, easy to follow growing guide with step by step photo instructions. Includes our secret tips, tricks and hints that other grow guides leave out. Includes how to incubate, how to fruit, casing methods, and access to our online library of other guides for you to learn even more about how to grow mushrooms! Online and print version Mega Mushroom Growing & Incubator Kit florida
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    • Midwest Grow Kit’s Mega Mushroom grow kit is the biggest shippable mushroom kit on the market today! Look around! If quantity is what you desire look no further! This mushroom kit comes with 18 jars but can hold up to 30 at once! With 3 cubic feet of room the Mega Mushroom kit comes with a hydroponic humidifier to ensure perfect humidity levels and air exchange without over-saturating. This kit is completely automated! Perfect temperature and humidity

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