5.75 Grams of Lab Tested Cannabis

.25 Grams of Concentrate

Approx 4″ in Length 3

4 Gauge Wrapped in BLACK RAW PAPERS



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    What is a Cannagar Blunt?Buy Cannagar cigar Toronto

    There is another form of cannabis cigars that may not be as familiar to many: The cannagar! Just as a traditional cigar is filled with tobacco and wrapped in tobacco leaves, a cannagar is basically the same thing, but with marijuana: weed flower wrapped in cannabis leaves. The process of making a cannagar is more intricate than that may sound, however.

    How is a Cannagar Made?

    The process of making a cannagar is quite different from that of rolling a joint or packing blunt. It requires special equipment, but once the technique is mastered, you can make cannagars even at home.Buy Cannagar cigar Toronto,lsd

    Cannabis Oil and a Cannagar Mold
    cannagar mold

    Cannagars are made using a mold, or press, with a skewer in the middle. Flower is added to the mold, a bit at a time, and compressed together around the skewer. A bit of cannabis oil is sometimes used to help the product stick together. The tighter a cannagar is packed, the slower it will burn.Buy Cannabis cigar Australia

    Wrapped in Cannabis Leaves

    After the mold is packed, it is left to sit for a number of hours and then wrapped in cured hemp leaves. Some makers get creative and add cannabis concentrate to the mold before wrapping.

    The final step, of course, is to remove the skewer. The resulting hole allows for a smooth and easy draw and an unbeatable smoking experience.

    The Last Toke

    Cannagars are an easy way to enjoy cannabis in a different form, but they do require some specialized equipment. If you’re interested in learning more about the process of making cannagar blunts or how to use them for medicinal purposes, feel free to contact Frost Exotic Cannabis Denver Dispensary any time! We would be happy to help answer your questions and address all of your concerns.


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