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    Basic info.Amanita Muscaria for sale in australia

    ITS  (and another similar variety, Amanita pantherina) is a mushroom of the agaricales order that appears in very broad habitats of the temperate and boreal zones of the Northern Hemisphere. It grows both in low altitudes and high mountainous areas, especially in coniferous forests such as fir and black pine, as well as in beech and birch forests. It usually appears during the end of summer months and is especially prevalent in autumn.Amanita Muscaria for sale in australia

    Its appearance is well known by the red color of the cap, covered with white dots, as well as the white stem.

    This mushroom contains two psychoactive alkaloids, ibotenic acid and muscimol, in addition to many other alkaloids. It has been used since antiquity as an intoxicating substance as well as in shamanic contexts and divination.

    The name Amanita muscaria comes from the paralyzing effect it has on some insects. It is known by other names such as hongo matamoscas in Spanish, falsa oronjareig bord or farinera borda in Catalan, and fly agaric in English.

    Chemical composition and dosage.

    ITS contains a high quantity of alkaloids and its pharmacology is complex and not fully understood. The most relevant alkaloids are ibotenic acid, muscimol, muscarine and muscazone.

    For some time, muscarine was believed to be the psychoactive alkaloid of the Amanita, but in 1964 independent researchers in Japan, England, and Switzerland isolated ibotenic acid and muscimol, and discovered their psychoactive properties. Muscarine is the alkaloid responsible for undesired effects and the feeling of intoxication (discomfort, upset stomach and vomiting).

    The quantity and proportion of alkaloids contained in the mushroom depends on several factors. Mushrooms collected at higher altitudes appear to have higher concentrations of ibotenic acid/muscimol, and those collected at lower altitudes, more muscarine.

    Ibotenic acid is a rather unstable molecule, which is converted into muscimol by exposure to temperature and other factors. Thus, the dry mushroom is usually more powerful than the fresh specimen, because during the drying process the ibotenic acid is decarboxylated into muscimol. Ibotenic acid has stimulant effects, while muscimol has more depressant effects.Amanita Muscaria for sale in austrialia

    • Dosage of ibotenic acid: this alkaloid causes psychoactive effects in doses of 50 – 100 mg.
    • Dosage of muscimol: equivalent doses are in the ranges of 10 – 15 mg. Thus muscimol is more potent than ibotenic acid.
    • Dosage of Amanita muscaria: the concentrations of alkaloids are highly variable depending on the height and specific ecosystem where the mushroom grows, so the dosage is very difficult to determine and the doses indicated here are merely orientative.

    Low dose: a small or medium size cap.
    Average dose: from 1 to 3 medium size caps.
    High dose: 2 or more medium size caps


    Both muscimol and ibotenic acid have psychotropic effects. After oral administration, the effects take quite a long time to appear, and it usually takes 2 to 3 hours to reach the maximum effects. The duration of the effects is about 6 or 8 hours, depending on the dose.

    The nature of the effects can be highly variable, also depending on the dose, as well as the variety and personal differences.Amanita Muscaria for sale in australia

    Effects may include:

    • A first phase in which there is stimulation, increased energy and muscular vigor (not always).
    • A second phase in which there is decay, tranquility and drowsiness.
    • A third phase in which the psychedelic effects appear and there may be experiences of a mystical nature, awareness of non-ordinary realities, blissful or terrifying sensations.
    • Visual distortions.
    • Loss of balance.
    • Muscle spasms.
    • Experiences of a dream-like nature.
    • Dizziness.
    • Visual and auditory impairment.
    • Difficulty concentrating on external tasks.
    • Sensation of macropsia and/or micropsia (perceiving objects as either very large or very small).
    • Nausea and vomiting.Amanita Muscaria for sale in australia

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